Bigmow Before & After Pictures

Bigmow before & after pictures showing the quality finish from this robot lawn mower.










Exclusive Mowing Process

Bigmow automatically mows the whole driving range between 3 to 5 times per week, depending on program preferences. It performs a fine, clean and gentle cut which imposes no stress on the grass. It leaves the turf visibly more beautiful, greener and denser, to become an ideal playing surface. It also significantly reduces standard regular treatments, allowing for great financial savings.

Constant Mulching

Bigmow only cuts the tips of the blades of grass. The cuttings are only a few millimetres long, so can easily penetrate the soil; thereby providing 100% natural new fertilizers. This means the finely cut grass stalks quickly decompose and fertilize the soil in a completely ecological way, as opposed to traditional mulching with a normal grass mower that cuts grass by several centimetres and creates waste that is too large in volume to decompose quickly and turn into a natural fertilizer. What’s more, if the cuttings are not collected and disposed of in a timely manner, then this can stimulate the growth of weeds, moss and mushrooms. Ultimately, the Bigmow is a must-have tool for your driving range outfield equipment.

Conserve Resources

conserve_resourcesBigmow produces a healthy green outfield that requires less repair, re-seeding, irrigation and chemical fertilizers. Another beneficial factor is that the growth of weeds is hindered as they dislike regular mowing, so they subsequently disappear.

Automated mowing enables manual tasks, which
consume much time and energy, to be significantly
reduced: mowing, collection of cuttings, scarification,
soil aeration, etc.

The supervision and maintenance of a Bigmow only requires a few minutes each day, which frees up precious time for other tasks.

Bigmow is a revolutionary alternative to traditional driving range mowers, that is both economically and environmentally friendly.




Beautiful lawns

Bigmow is equipped with one or more floating, cutting heads; each of which has three stainless steel cutting blades. The blades retract automatically in the event of contact with uneven ground (mounds, molehills). This world exclusive design makes it possible to prevent the machine from becoming blocked or even damaging the ground. It also guarantees a constant cutting height, which prevents damage to the grass. The self-cleaning system, using the centrifugal expulsion of waste, reduces the need for cleaning.

Certified Results

The Sports Turf Research Institute (, based in the UK, are the world leaders in creating and managing sports surfaces. Tasked with conducting an independent study evaluating the performance of the Bigmow, they concluded in their comparative study that Bigmow has a superior performance to the professional lawn roller (previously considered the world standard in mowing). To read the full report, download the study here.

BIGMOW makes life simpler!

Bigmow works day and night, rain or shine, Sundays and public holidays, including when you are absent. It does not take time off and never falls ill!

Smooth out seasonal variations

In autumn and summer, rapid grass growth requires more frequent mowing, which places added demands on personnel and available materials; sometimes forcing you to overcompensate. Bigmow takes the stress out of seasonal variations and guarantees perfect mowing, whatever the situation.

10 x less CO2 emissions

Bigmow emits 10 times less CO2 into the atmosphere than a combustion engine mower (without even considering secondary pollution such as transporting the engine mower from one field to another, etc). Bigmow does not emit any gases or odours which may harm players, supporters or neighbours. Belrobotics also employs a responsible longterm approach through the use of mainly recyclable components.

3 x less energy

Bigmow does not depend on fossil fuels like combustion engine mowers as it is powered by electricity, which can be produced via renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Bigmow is non-polluting and uses the same amount of electricity as a fridge!

In comparison to a combustion engine mower, the Bigmow gives annual energy savings of €500 – 1,000 per football pitch. Completely environmentally friendly, the Bigmow allows you to significantly reduce your consumption of chemical fertilizers, by fertilizing the soil 100% naturally.

Bigmow does not cause accidental soil pollution (oil and fuel loss, etc.), which is why it is preferred to combustion engine mowers in areas sensitive to pollution (water reservoirs, treatment plants, etc.) or in ecological buildings (green roofs, etc.)

Due to its lightweight structure, it avoids compacting the soil or damaging the pitch surroundings, even when it is raining.

Finally, while conventional mowers can be very noisy, sometimes causing problems for neighbours, the Bigmow is inaudible from just a few metres away (less than 65 dB at a distance of 5 metres), which enables it to be used during the night and at weekends without causing any disturbance.

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