About Robot Mowers

Robot mowers don’t need petrol, diesel or oil

Robot mowers run completely on rechargeable batteries and automatically recharge themselves.

No emissions given off

Robot mowers are emission-free. Since there is not a requirement for lawn mowers to have catalytic converters, gasoline powered mowers give off high levels of pollutants into the environment. According to Energy Partners, an environmental consulting firm, gasoline powered mowers emit the same amount of pollution that a car does driving 1,300 miles.

Reduction of chemicals

Robot mowers mow all day and night so the grass does not get high; it stays one length and only cuts about 3mm each trim. The particles of grass decompose much faster than a two inch blade of grass does, essentially putting all the nutrients back into the soil. This also clips weeds before they are able to seed and therefore spread. Constant mowing will also reduce disease pressure since moisture won’t sit on the grass long enough.

Constant mowing uses such little energy to produce such benefits. The reduction of chemicals going into the soil and potentially water streams is priceless, but the cost savings on chemicals and laboir to apply them is significant.

No dumping of grass clippings

Since your robot mower is only clipping the tips of the blade of grass, it not only produces a thicker, healthier and greener lawn, but there is literally nothing to rake. You don’t have grass clippings filling up bin bags and wheelie bins, then having to take them to landfill.

Robot Mowers

Robot Mowers – Silent, Clean & Economical

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